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Girls Beyond Borders Programs

Girls Beyond Borders attempts to offer programming to all groups of young girls. If your organization would like to discuss opportunities for your group or you would like to organize a workshop opportunity in your area, please contact us!

Kids in Art Class

Girls Beyond Borders Retreat

A 2-day Girls Beyond Borders day camp program that encompasses all workshops into an exciting and  immersive retreat experience! Designed to bring together young women in an entirely new learning environment with plenty of opportunity for growth and connection. Contact us to bring this Girls Beyond Borders retreat to your community or an area near you! Coming soon....

Sports Team Portrait

Youth Girls Athletic Teams

If you are the coach or leader of a youth girls sports team or organization this is an opportunity for your team or athletic program! This workshop experience is tailored towards youth female athletes designed to include components from the confidence and self-esteem, goal setting, and leadership workshops. It will help create a bonding opportunity for your athletes and unlock their potential on and off the court. Contact us now to book for your team! Coming soon...

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