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Explore The Possibilities of Youth Girls Empowerment

Join our writing and journaling workshop to learn how to express yourself through words and build a deeper connection with other powerful young women!

Join our leadership workshop to develop your leadership skills and learn how to make a positive impact in the community! 

Join our volunteering and community building workshop to work towards making a positive impact in your community and finding your passion

Join our confidence and self-esteem workshop to help yourself overcome self-doubt and develop a positive self-image that will lead you on the path of pursuing your dreams!

Join our mindfulness workshop to learn strategies that will help you improved your overall well-being by being more present, calm, and focused!

Join our goal setting workshop to learn how to set strong goals and achieve them through the development of a clear vision for your life!

Join our communication and public speaking workshop to develop your confidence and help you become a more effective communicator and presenter!

Join our time management and productivity workshop to learn how to get more done in less time and build valuable skills that will help you succeed in many areas of your life!


Youth Personal Development Organization

Welcome to Girls Beyond Borders! Established in May 2023, Girls Beyond Borders is a youth organization based in Lloydminster, Alberta aimed at providing personal development opportunities for young girls in the community. We are dedicated to empowering young women through the delivery of our workshops and mentorship. Through our supportive community, we aim to create a space where young women can grow and thrive. Our organization is passionate about inspiring young women to achieve personal growth and will provide them with the necessary tools to succeed. We believe in the power that young women hold in the community and want to break down barriers to allow these girls to reach their full potential. Join us today and become part of our uplifting community of young women that will build each other up!

The success of every woman should be the inspiration to another. We should raise each other up.

Serena Williams

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